1.  Wet the new o-ring before trying to install on the faucet aerator.  New o-rings are very snug.

2.  If the faucet aerator is too small (and the Sink Drink doesn't fit securely onto the aerator), you most likely have a 13/16" aerator.  You will need to get an adapter that converts a 13/16" aerator to at 15/16" aerator.  These can be found at hardware stores or online.  It is a good idea to take your existing faucet aerator with you to the store (Lowe's, Home Depot, ACE Hardware, etc.) to make sure you get the correct conversion (female vs. male threads, etc.).

3.  If the faucet aerator seems to be too large, it could be that it is a decorative aerator, as it is rare to find an aerator in a home larger than 15/16".  So the thread could still be 15/16", but the design of the aerator might not be standard.  In this case, you would just need to replace the decorative aerator with a standard straight one.  Make sure to take your decorative aerator with you to the store when looking for a standard replacement.

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Example of a 13/16" to 15/16" Adapter
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Standard Aerator
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Decorative Aerator
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