My cat Romeo, now 19 years old, has always preferred to drink from the sink faucet.  Second to that would be a fresh glass of water, preferably with ice, of which he had to witness the filling in order to actually drink it.

A couple of years ago, Romeo could no longer get in the awkward position to drink from the faucet, but he wanted to so badly.  I tried to make him happy by filling a tall glass of water and letting the faucet drip into it.  Then I fashioned the very first prototype for the Sink Drink, refining the design to meet a higher standard for comfort, convenience, and efficiency.

It worked very well, and soon the four kitties in my house were lined up, waiting to use what I called the “Sink Drink”.

It was such a success in my house that I thought other kitties might like it, so I embarked on the process to design what is now the Sink Drink for Cats.

Our Story...
Romeo, Dusty and Max huddled around the first prototype.
Romeo using a prototype.
Click photo for a video.
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